Getting Started for Kachinglers

As a Kachingler...

Medallion Overlay - Purple

Medallion'll notice the Kachingle Medallions on sites you visit now have purple coins, and they recognize you by your Display Name.

When you want to start contributing to site, or blog, or other digital stuff, just mouseover the Medallion so it expands, then click Start kachingling.

The Medallion coin turns green, the Kachingler count goes up (that’s you!), and you're now kachingling the site!

Each day you come back, the Medallion will recognize you and count your visit. (No additional clicks required.)

At the end of each month, your $5 Pay-In will be distributed among all the sites you've chosen to kachingle, based on how many days you visited each one.

What else?

Tweet your kachingling! Share your support of your favorite stuff with your followers.
Twitter options are in your Settings > Twitter page. (See live examples on Twitter.)

Share Kachingling on your Facebook wall!
When your Kachingle account is tied to your Facebook account, posting options are in your Settings > Facebook page.

Visit the Leaderboard to see what others are kachingling.

When you mouseover Medallions, click "See who's Kachingling this site" to find Kachinglers with similar interests.

See Sites Visited By other Kachinglers, share your own Sites I Visit, and see what you have in common with fellow Kachinglers in our Community Forums.

Add a Medallion to your own site or blog!


Can I kachingle anonymously?

Why Daily Visits rather than total visits or pageviews?

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