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The Austin Bulldog


The Austin Bulldog is a nonprofit independent online news site for investigative reporting in the public interest.

We're a startup outfit managed by a full-time editor who does investigative reporting, assigns investigative projects to freelance writers, and edits all content. We're small. We're scrappy. We aren't going to change the world, but we aim to make a difference in our little corner of it.

The Austin Bulldog is dedicated to hard-nosed journalism covering topics that matter. Our primary focus is almost entirely on what’s happening in our hometown, the city of Austin, Texas, although we will occasionally cover important stories on the outskirts. We will investigate matters involving local business, education, energy, environment, government, health care, justice, media, politics and transportation, and anything else warranting close scrutiny. We will strive to be an important source of news on the topics we cover.

We also publish informed commentary and question-and-answer interviews with local people who are doing important work in the topic areas we cover.

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