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Raw Food SOS : Troubleshooting on the Raw Food Diet


"Many moons ago, I started this blog to combat some of the health myths floating around the vegan and raw-food diet spheres—especially wacky notions about human physiology, evolutionary nutrition, the effects of animal products, and other issues that tended to get me banned from raw vegan message boards when I talked about them. Hence the site title.

But I soon realized there were more exciting things to write about than hybridized avocados and raw vegans with bad teeth. Raw Food SOS was thus reborn into what it is now—a site that examines the science behind common nutritional beliefs, including the ongoing scuffles between omnivores and vegetarians/vegans, the harmfulness of saturated fat, the necessity of eating Healthy Whole Grains, and whatever else warrants a closer look.

This site isn’t specifically low-carb or high-carb, vegan or carnivore, raw food or cooked food, or anything else that could be neatly labeled. My own experience as a (recovered) raw vegan taught me that diet-dogma is killer, so the emphasis here is on unraveling research rather than building an ideology. My goal is to make nutritional science accessible and non-boring to those who really care about their health."

Denise Minger

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