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John Lennon once said "Living is easy with eyes closed, misunderstanding all you see". I don't want to live with my eyes closed, so I choose to be a skeptic. I like my facts to be correct, and I don't like the things that I know to be things that ain't so. I think that irrational beliefs breed further irrational thoughts and it is too easy to go from UFOs or Elvis sightings which waste time to gurus and NLP preachers who waste money through to crazy medical and health beliefs which waste lives. The main focus of my skeptical activities recently has been fraudulent medical practices, but this is just a specific example of the rejection of reason and, as it happens, one of the examples with dangerous consequences. In real life I work for a computer consulting company and I am an exemplar of the baby boomer generation in terms of age, family structure and past indiscretions.

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