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...the personal ramblings of a Product MacGyver . . .

I’m a product manager who has spent my career crafting, launching, and scaling platforms and products. I thrive in collaborative environments and have a track record of working with the developer community to help move the social web forward through open standards. I am passionate about creating products that delight users, where embracing the elegance of simplicity drives innovation and usability.

Currently I’m a Senior Product Manager on the Digital Entertainment and Games team for the BBC Worldwide. While the title may be a mouthful, in essence my job is to help develop engaging games and social experiences for the stable of BBC brands and content.

Previously I was the Lead Product Manager for a startup called Gravity that is working to personalize internet experiences by using semantic technology to create new ways to understand people and what they’re interested in. Before that, I was the Product Lead for MySpace’s Data Availability project. I joined MySpace in June 2008 to help create an open platform that gives developers access to the MySpace social layer. Previous to MySpace I was at Yahoo!, initially with the Games team working on community tools for developers and players, and then later became a member the Yahoo! Open Strategy initiative where I worked on their application platform and OpenSocial implementation. I hold a BA in Psychology from Yale University.

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