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The News from Poems


And after five years of writing the column, and featuring a seemingly inexhaustible supply of Vermont voices, I wanted to make this work more widely available– to other community newspapers, to teachers and writers, and to readers, hence: this website.

The News From Poems is organized around the six seasons of Vermont (mud, spring, summer, fall, stick and winter) and showcases poems inspired by or at least referring to those seasons. Many of the poems also evoke the distinctive geographic character, the rivers and mountains, twiggy woods, snowy fields, buggy Junes, rocky outcrops… making a paean to the places of Vermont.
As a society we’ve come to recognize how our distinctive communities are strengthened by eating and shopping locally,which I believe includes reading locally owned newspapers and patronizing locally owned bookstores. Among the many ways these institutions support us is by offering us venues to express our opinions (especially newspapers) and to hear to the words of literary neighbors (especially bookstores). It follows then that encountering the our state’s great writers, what Aldo Leopold calls “our cultural harvest,” can enhance our communal well- being, and, if not save, then at the very least enrich our lives.

Wherever you are discovering this website– whether you’re in Monkton, Morrisville, Minneapolis or Morocco– I hope you’ll enjoy and utilize what William Carlos Williams hints is the antidote to human misery: The News From Poems.

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