Our Manifesto

The internet needs a viable business model, for producers and developers, and for users.

We believe that enabling people to effortlessly make micropayments (and microdonations) for the sites, content, and apps they value is the future of internet monetization, and will save the world from the 21st century equivalent of the Dark Ages.

When I originally got the idea for Kachingle in May of 2003 it had two forms: DonationPal and SubscriptionPal. I noodled over both ideas for awhile, and then decided to embrace DonationPal first: Here’s why.

We implemented the functionality of DonationPal (now called Kachingle Anything) in 2009, and learned a lot (let's have coffee if you want a brain dump!) We built our micropayment engine and usability features that are required by both. But content producers weren't quite ready to accept donations; and many put up paywalls. Based on input from application vendors, we did a pivot, and enabled our robust micropayment platform to bundle apps for co-marketing and revenue collection using a simple set of APIs.

I am even more convinced that usage-based micropayments are the future.

The internet has provided us with the incredible opportunity to make information and apps available to everyone, but at the same time it has destroyed existing business models.

When I was a kid I loved science fiction.  My favorite author was Isaac Asimov and I avidly read the Foundation Trilogy.  Remember how the goal was to save the universe from going into a long period of hell after the downfall of the Galactic Empire?  And how the protagonists struggled to accomplish this?  We are in the same scenario now, and each of us can be Hari Seldon.

What if the world community, led by developers, journalists and bloggers, embraced another business model built on bundles and micropayments  ̶  that leaves some apps and information free for those who cannot or will not pay, and prices other apps and information fairly, often at the penny level, based on usage?

App creators, content creators, developers, marketing affiliates, etc. all need money to survive. But those paying also need a system that reflects their values, and their ability to pay. As hundreds and thousands of apps, sites, videos, music tracks, etc. become the daily norm of millions of people, only an effortless micropayment service can provide all of them with a steady stream of revenue.

Please join me and the rest of the Kachingle team in making bundled apps and content the easy system for subscribers to fairly pay developers and producers, while getting exactly what they want at a fair and affordable price.


Founder, Kachingle
@kachingle & @typaldos

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