How are a Kachingler's visits calculated and turned into Payments?

Counting visits
Each day a Kachingler visits a site to which they've become a contributor, the Medallion on that site recognizes the Kachingler and adds that day toward the site's Total Daily Visits.

Totaling visits
If in a 30-day month a Kachingler (let's call him Kachingler Joe) visits his favorite site every day (let's call it Joe's Favorite Site), Kachingle logs a total of 30 Daily Visits to that site from Kachingler Joe.

Distributing Payments
Let's say Joe is a Kachingle contributor to four sites, all listed in his Sites I Visit:
If this month Joe visited...
- Joe's Favorite Site on 30 different days
- Site B on 25 different days
- Site C on 25 different days
- Site D on 20 different days
this adds up to a total of 100 Daily Visits.

That means...
- Joe's Favorite Site will receive 30% of his Pay-In that month
- Site B will receive 25% of his Pay-In
- Site C will receive 25% of his Pay-In
- Site D will receive 20% of his Pay-In
(before transaction costs*)
Kachingle counts Daily Visits (rather than, say, pageviews) so that Payments are distributed based on how regularly a Kachingler visits each site, rather than how much a site is used during each visit.

Note: Why you might have one site with fewer visits and a larger payment
When distributing Kachinglers' Payments to their sites, the percentages sometimes result in fractions of cents left over. When this happens, Kachingle rounds down, resulting in a little "spare change." We allocate this "spare change" to a Kachingler's "neediest" site -- the one which has received the smallest portion of his or her Pay-In. As such, Kachinglers are likely to see in each month's Payment History, one site with a larger Payment than others that have the same (low) number of visits. (Yeah, this algorithm is a little arbitrary, and if there are multiple "needy" sites, we just toss the "spare change" to one of them. Our algorithm will evolve, so feel free to submit any ideas!)

Note: Some sites may have more than one Medallion
Some sites that employ independent writers or feature different kinds of content in differenet sections may use multiple Medallions, allowing Kachinglers to support specific sections or writers on their site.

*What fees does Kachingle collect?
Monthly Pay-Outs to Site Owners are paid less 15%, which Kachingle retains to cover the cost of processing payments (we pay all related PayPal fees) and our commission.

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